Hey there!
It’s Ryan from Shoppe… We’re a fully remote team of two founders, two developers, and three customer success folks! We are building a suite of web tools that help small boutique owners sell their products and grow their businesses!
Some of our products include:
  1. An online marketplace for sellers to sell their products and for buyers to shop via our website. Think of it as a mix between Etsy & Shopify, with a social twist!
  2. A mobile app for buyers to shop from their favorite sellers. It’s the same functionality as the e-commerce portion of the web app, just with different UI that is focused on finding and buying products.
  3. (Coming soon) A live streaming mobile app that allows you to sell your products, which includes some really awesome tools to facilitate sales via live streams.
Your Role, should you choose to accept it:

As a front end developer, you will be responsible for building out our existing web app. This build out will include adding new features, refining the current features, fixing bugs, and optimizing for performance. Our web app currently is built with a mix of Angular v1, VueJs v2, and Bootstrap v4.
As a Shoppe teammate, you’ll be responsible for having the best communication and transparency possible, being passionate about your roles, being self sufficient and a self thinker, helpful and encouraging to the rest of the team, having a blast, and taking breaks when you need them!
This is a full-time role and salary is based on experience and location. 
If this sounds like you, then please let me know 👇

To apply: Apply here plz 👉 https://goo.gl/forms/7rORWJ4LKBfdEl3H3

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