Who We Need:  MapLarge customer projects are large scale and extremely high value.  We track nearly every boat in the ocean, every commercial aircraft in the sky and a large percentage of all land based assets for the largest enterprises in the world.  We are looking for experienced, high energy senior software developers with a GIS Background to act as the customer facing project management leads. The role will entail working with teams of developers to design and build applications for customers on top of the MapLarge product suite.  Applicants should have a strong history as a lead software developer (no non-technical project managers, please) and experienced working directly with customers in a project management role. We are looking for sophisticated team members who are passionate about not only how UI is used, but also how the APIs, ontology, data structures, documentation, and examples come together to make both the UI components and technical APIs a pleasure for customers to use.  

Typical Tasks: Typical Tasks include gathering customer requirements, working internally with MapLarge product management teams, and leading customer facing project management activities.  You will often be acting as the lead technical point of contact on customer engagements, running internal and external planning meetings, helping to wireframe user interfaces, creating specs for the public facing APIs that drive them, doing deep dive design reviews with developers, and designing key portions of the deployed application.

Skills: While we hire all kinds of people and invent roles to fit them, these are the key traits we prefer for this role:

  1. Smart & High Energy Engineer – We work at a very fast pace on cutting edge hard problems and we need people who can keep up.   We need people who really love producing results for customers and who enjoy programming and exhibit the energy and creativity that comes from being fully engaged in the technical side of what we do.
  2. Strong Software Development background – This job is definitely NOT for non technical project managers. Recent, hands-on experience coding both server side (C#) and client side (JavaScript) are strongly suggested, and 5+ years work experience as a professional programmer is required.  
  3. Experience Wireframing UI & Designing APIs – You do not have to have strong artistic skills, but you should be comfortable not only spec-ing out UI wireframes but also designing the supporting technical web service API’s and/or client side component API’s.
  4. Technical Project Management:  You should be highly organized with a strong history in either technical project management or as the lead developer for complex software development projects.  
  5. Customer Facing: comfortable meeting with sophisticated customers and managing expectations on large high value multi million dollar projects.
  6. GIS Background: a strong history of prior GIS projects is required.
  7. Not Just a Manager: this job is for people who like getting their hands dirty and doing real work with their team.  Not every task can be delegated and we need high quality servant leaders who lead by example producing high quality work product on their own in addition to managing their team.

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