### REQUIREMENTS & RESPONSIBILITIES- The ability to change **context** between **different projects**.- Setting predetermined tasks, and following up on updating **basecamp**- Strong knowledge of **Nodejs** and **express** like frameworks- Utilizes **classes** , **spreads** and more from **ES6**- You understand **MVC** , and how to keep code **DRY**Our Tech Stack: **Nodejs**, **Nextjs**, **Apollo**, **Prisma**, & sometime **Redux**.### EXTRA POINTSDesign is more then aesthetics. But it would be nice if you have a good eye. We believe in testing new ideas and tech. Constant curiosity should push you to try new and innovative your process.### PERKS (bragging rights)- Work on awesome projects. We have celebrity clients, crypto clients & more- Got an online course you want to take? We got you. We’re all about remote, including learning. Request a course and we’d be happy to fund your endeavours.- Your own work email, sandbox server & more- Access to a community of creators that can help with any other project you’re working on- Room to grow 🌲. As we grow our selves, with new clients & internal projects, this will open up room for you to have the chance of leading a project.

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