# The short version â³**Mission:** Enhance the way the world learns.**Why:** Learning infrastructure should focus on community, collaboration, conversation – not on being a digital file cabinet 🗄ï¸. **Who:** Humble, curious and builder-mentality. 7+ years of full-stack development.**How:** React, React-Native, microservices in Node.js, Docker, AWS, Redux, Mongo.# What is [Aula](https://aula.education)? ðŸAula is a remote-first 40-person team from 12 nationalities building a communication platform for education. Think ‘Slack for Education’.Powered by an ecosystem of integrations, Aula is the foundational layer in the university tech stack that shapes a whole industry.We built Aula because we believe digital infrastructure should encourage community and participation-based learning.We’re backed by people like the founder of Unity, CTO at Eventbrite, a co-founder of Zendesk, a co-founder of JustEat and world-class VCs like Project A, BrightEye and Sunstone.![](http://mlxguv3ljvjp.i.optimole.com/w:auto/h:auto/q:75/http://f.cl.ly/items/3f0B20291K1Q261C1v2C/landingpage-platform.png)# Engineering @ Aula ðŸ”ï¸## What we’re buildingAula is a conversational platform for education.To get a deeper sense of what that means and how that can foster engaging learning experiences, read more here:[Education starts with conversation: how we designed Aula](https://blog.aula.education/education-starts-with-conversation-how-we-designed-aula-126bc1fa8706)## Our tech stackA 10 min read from our CTO Oliver: [Bringing educational infrastructure into the 21st century - the stack](https://blog.aula.education/bringing-educational-infrastructure-into-the-21st-century-the-stack-be66b1a743c0)## Engineering challenges we’re working on- Building frontend applications that deliver a seamless campus experience across devices (web, mobile, desktop)- Creating and maintaining the best infrastructure to deliver educational content and communication in real time.- Developing a powerful editor perfectly tailored for the creation of educational material and in-campus communication ## [Product principles](https://blog.aula.education/product-principles-at-aula-398d1a2aa23f?source=collection_home—4——0———————)- Engagement first.- Enable educators to create the most engaging learning experiences.- Never more than 1 click away from human interaction.## Who we’re building for We’re currently building for educators and students at universities. See what that means here:[Aula Personas](https://www.notion.so/e94ea2d2ca974d40ba4ae07638dcd459)## How our users benefit- **Students:** Aula means less one-way communication from the teacher, more collaboration with fellow students and easier access to student services like the welfare team. We aim to give every single student the sense of being part of their university’s community.- **Educators**: Aula means connecting with every student in your class and creating a truly engaging learning experience in a welcoming atmosphere.- **Universities**: Aula is a digital campus where the sense of belonging lowers student dropout rates and enables a move of focus from physical building to crafting distributed student experiences. [Here are some educators describing Aula in one word](https://cl.ly/b56b4d0ab0dd)## How our development team will look in 12 monthsEach product area will be led by a duo of a tech lead and a product manager, supported by full-stack contributors and tech leads on cross-platform areas like UI.![](http://mlxguv3ljvjp.i.optimole.com/w:auto/h:auto/q:75/http://f.cl.ly/items/0M3T0W2C3l1o0W2m2M3v/3c310693ccd93ce8220c7027bd047777screen_shot_2019_02_09_at_17.58.57.png)

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