StaffMill ( is a fast-growing human resource provider serving North Europe.
We are looking for a Talent Acquisition Specialist familiar with the Northern European job markets. The position requires knowledge of at least one European language in addition to English.
We offer a remote position in our recruitment team. Responsibilities include sourcing, interviewing and evaluating candidates, as well as nurturing relationships with potential candidates for North and East European markets.
  • Planning sourcing strategies and criteria
  • Planning and executing structured interviews and screening calls
  • Plan and write job descriptions jointly with our recruitment managers
  • Source, nurture and evaluate candidates
  • Communicate with potential hire throughout the recruitment process
  • Communicate and work together with our recruitment manager
  • Verify job experience and execute online background checks
  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Good writing and speaking skills in, at least, one another European language
  • Experience working as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, or in a similar role
  • Experience in sourcing candidates using online services, social media and professional tools (such as LinkedIn and Github)
  • Education and background in a related field

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Categories: Remote Jobs