Upwork is a hub that helps talented freelancers find projects that explore ideas, launch products, improve results, and impact the bottom line. But collaborating with your colleagues hasn’t always been straightforward: you could all use the same Upwork account and see your coworkers’ activity, but it wasn’t clear who had done what.

Now, we’re making it easier for teams of coworkers to track the progress of projects, collaborate more efficiently, and get inspiration for new projects with a new My Jobs dashboard.

An animated overview of Upwork's My Jobs dashboard

The new My Jobs experience

Found under the Jobs menu in your Upwork account, My Jobs consolidates your activity with that of your coworkers and gives you the resources to get started. And if you work on your own? You still have access to resources to inspire you and get things moving forward more quickly—from a new “How it works” section, in case you get stuck, to modifiable job templates to help you post a job more quickly and kickstart your next project.

If you do have coworkers on the same account, the My Jobs dashboard allows for better collaboration with a real-time overview of what’s happening with your team.

You can see everyone’s published job posts, draft job posts, pending contracts, and active contracts—all in one place. This enables your team to help each other screen and engage freelancers, as well as consolidate payments, billing, and reports.

You’ll also see a new sidebar called Coworkers’ Activity where you’ll find job posts from your colleagues as well as links to freelancers whose profiles your colleagues have saved. This makes it easier for your team to:

  • Share favorite freelancers, or rehire trusted freelancers your coworkers have worked with in the past
  • Post new jobs more quickly by reusing job posts—from anybody else on your team—and modifying it for your specific needs
  • Track all your projects and see what everyone is working on
  • Invite coworkers to join your account from the page and see who is on the account

Check out the following video to get a tour of the new My Jobs.

For now, the updated My Jobs dashboard is only available on desktop — but we’ll roll it out for mobile shortly. In the interim, we’d appreciate your feedback! Share your thoughts in the Upwork Community >>

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